Amáte Institute Boulder features the Amáte Growth Work Method…a highly respected, rapid, affordable, intensive, and spiritually based healing and growth option for adolescents and adults who…for any reason…became emotionally stuck in childhood or adolescence…and the stoppage is adversely affecting the current life…and limiting the potential for achieving emotional maturity and living in peace.

Is This You?

“After one session in Eva’s office, I knew I had found a different sort of doctor. One of the most important things Eva did for me initially was to help me “de-catastrophize” my life. The wellness I have today is due in large part to the care she provided and the strategies I learned from her.”
-Susannah Cyrus, 31, Kapa’a, Hawai’i
Dr. Eva MalanowskiDr. Eva A. Malanowski
Boulder, CO
Dr. Eva A. Malanowski has never shied away from working with the most challenging problems individuals face. Her inspiration has come from observing and encouraging the life force in individuals that propels them to seek growth in even the most difficult circumstances. She has had extensive experience helping a wide range of people to free themselves from early emotional injury, including in-depth treatment of federal inmates and clients with Autism Spectrum disorders. read more>>