About Amáte Institute

The Amáte Institute features the Amáte Growth Work Method: a path to reaching emotional maturity in adulthood.

Emotional maturity is the inner emotional condition of sufficient love and security necessary to successfully take emotional growth-producing risks throught life.

Emotional immaturity is the inner condition of excessive fear that prematurely halts the process of successfully taking emotional growth risks thought life.

The Amáte Growth Work Method is a highly respected, rapid, intensive, spiritually based healing and growth process for adolescents and adults who, for any reason, became emotionally stuck in childhood or adolescence, and the stoppage is adversely affecting the current life, and limiting the potential for achieving emotional maturity and living in peace.

The Amáte Institute also offers innovative family and relationship interventions for those who have undergone Amáte Growth Work.

Why choose the Amáte process:

  • Achieve growth in small fraction of time compared to traditional therapy
  • Know total cost and approximate duration of treatment ahead of time
  • Last “treatment” you may need
  • Spiritually based: will help you find life meaning, a sense of connection and Spiritual Guidance within you
  • Teaches self-sufficiency, as compared to being dependent on a therapist
  • Gets you out of rut of indecisiveness, through learning how to make better spiritually informed decisions
  • Comprehensive and systematic
  • Unleashes our natural healing process
  • Not therapy…Amáte!

Life improvements you can expect from Amáte work:

  • Learn emotional self-care
  • Increased self-confidence and decreased fear,
  • Solid sense of being able to handle whatever life brings you so you are no longer afraid to take important growth risks
  • Overcome crippling procrastination
  • Stop being paralyzed by indecisiveness
  • Develop emotional sobriety
  • Enjoy life in the moment
  • Intrusive memories and flashbacks lose their emotional charge
  • Release obstacles to achieve the life you want
  • Develop ability to manage emotions so they don’t manage you
  • Unlock the path to achieving your full potential and optimal performance
  • Stop being derailed by emotional distractions-recover quicker-so you can focus clearly on the path to your goals