About Boulder, Colorado

A veritable sister city to Aspen, Boulder, being part of the Denver metro area, is a much larger, more urban version of Aspen, but still, like Aspen, a town unto itself. With the Rockies shooting out of the lands to Boulder’s immediate west, the mountains’ beauty and recreation are a big part of Boulder’s allure, but with the University of Colorado, a burgeoning high tech scene, and Denver just minutes away, Boulder offers much more in the way of big city resources. This is not to say that Boulder is in any way mainstream America, though, as it is still home to aging hippie relics of the 60s, a flourishing New Age/wellness scene, and the progressive politics that still stamp it as the “People’s Republic of Boulder.” Boulder is perennially at the top of the many of those top ten town lists that publications and websites seem to endlessly extol, everything from best town to live in, best foodie town, best running and triathlete town, to best place to start-up a small high-tech or natural food company. With all this going for it, an international airport 45 minutes away, great hotels and restaurants, and 90,000 acres of protected open space surrounding it to play on and relax, Boulder is a perfect match for our Amáte Institute clientele.

Life in Boulder for Amáte Clients

Taking advantage of the resources that support the Institute’s “body, mind, & spirit” philosophy, Amáte Institute Boulder International clients are encouraged to create a well-rounded…if temporary…life for themselves while in Boulder when not directly involved with the activities at the Institute.

  • Clients are urged to participate in a wide range of physical “body” activities…both indoors and in nature. Institute clients are able to take advantage of spa treatments including massage, exercise programs such as yoga, Pilates and dance, outdoor experiences including nature walks, hiking, fishing, riding, swimming, as well as strenuous activities such as mountain climbing. Downhill and cross country skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing are just a short drive away.
  • Activities are tailored to the needs of the individual client.
  • Utilizing the extensive intellectual “mind” offerings of Boulder, the client may attend lectures at Neuropa University (the only accredited Buddhist University in the U.S.) or the University of Colorado’s Conference on World Affairs, experience the wide variety of art and musical offerings in the summer, attend concerts of a wide variety of music at the famous Chautauqua Auditorium, and view films and art events throughout the year, etc.
  • Focusing on “spirit,” the aim of the center is to help the individual connect to the Inner Self, the voice of the Universe within, others in the world, and the physical and spiritual environment. Any and all appropriate spiritually oriented therapies, traditional and alternative, as well as religious participation, will be encouraged and utilized to achieve this aim.
  • For those involved in 12 Step Programs, Boulder has an active schedule of daily meetings.