On a Spiritual Path

I am a woman who has been on a spiritual path since I was 20 years old. Raised in a violent alcoholic home, I also have been in and out of therapy, CBT and Somatic, on and off as I felt “stuck” or needed clarity in the unfolding of my life. I reached such a point this year and was referred to Dr. Malanowski by a co-worker. On my first visit, we agreed that I had done enough talk therapy for a lifetime, and was in need of a deeper more profound method of support. We began using EFT and immediately after the first session I felt a subtle, but deep change in my outlook and mood. It was as if we had begun to chip away at the muck that had hardened around my heart. After two and a half month of working with Eva I feel lighter, happier, much less easily triggered to old trauma responses and am optimistic about the future. My relationships move more smoothly, I have more energy and desire to engage in my life. I am deeply grateful to Dr. Malanowski for introducing me to EFT and for her knowledge and insight. Her approach is gentle, but the results are profound.