On a Spiritual Path

I am a woman who has been on a spiritual path since I was 20 years old. Raised in a violent alcoholic home, I also have been in and out of therapy, CBT and Somatic, on and off as I felt “stuck” or needed clarity in the unfolding of my life. I reached such a […]

Police Detective Resource

I worked extensively with Dr. Malanowski as a police detective. She has a keen understanding of people’s motivations, emotions and life challenges. Dr Malanowski is a true professional with a kind and compassionate understanding of human nature. Very insightful and visionary, I would recommend her to anyone who wants a deeper understanding of life.

Born to be a Therapist

Twenty five years ago, Dr. Eva Malanowski was a High School student in a Peer Counseling class that I taught. She was one of those fortunate students that knew exactly what she wanted to be; a Psychologist. She was years ahead of her fellow students, journalling, a natural listener, Insights with depth, a magnet for […]

Associate Scientist

Eva is one of the most interesting and skilled clinicians I have ever known. She has helped numerous individuals from incredibly diverse life circumstances achieve mental and personal wellness. She has a natural ability to create a safe, non-judgmental environment during her therapy sessions which makes room for vulnerability, exploration and therapeutic progress. Eva has […]

Susannah Cyrus

When I first met Dr. Malanowski, who always humbly insisted I call her Eva, I was fleeing a physically and emotionally abusive relationship, was addicted to drugs and alcohol, was cutting myself, bingeing and purging, broke, hopeless and had attempted suicide. I was also pretty resentful of mental health professionals and skeptical that anyone would […]