I am a woman who has been on a spiritual path since I was 20 years old. Raised in a violent alcoholic home, I also have been in and out of therapy, CBT and Somatic, on and off as I felt “stuck” or needed clarity in the unfolding of my life. I reached such a point this year and was referred to Dr. Malanowski by a co-worker. On my first visit, we agreed that I had done enough talk therapy for a lifetime, and was in need of a deeper more profound method of support. We began using EFT and immediately after the first session I felt a subtle, but deep change in my outlook and mood. It was as if we had begun to chip away at the muck that had hardened around my heart. After two and a half month of working with Eva I feel lighter, happier, much less easily triggered to old trauma responses and am optimistic about the future. My relationships move more smoothly, I have more energy and desire to engage in my life. I am deeply grateful to Dr. Malanowski for introducing me to EFT and for her knowledge and insight. Her approach is gentle, but the results are profound.


I worked extensively with Dr. Malanowski as a police detective. She has a keen understanding of people’s motivations, emotions and life challenges. Dr Malanowski is a true professional with a kind and compassionate understanding of human nature. Very insightful and visionary, I would recommend her to anyone who wants a deeper understanding of life.

IAN MACAYEAL, Aspen Police

Twenty five years ago, Dr. Eva Malanowski was a High School student in a Peer Counseling class that I taught. She was one of those fortunate students that knew exactly what she wanted to be; a Psychologist. She was years ahead of her fellow students, journalling, a natural listener, Insights with depth, a magnet for her fellow classmates with a unique gift of maturity, kindness, compassion and curiosity. She was eager to be the very best “counselor” she could be. She was and continues to be the very epitome of excellence, A Leader in her field with the rare mix of Warmth, Kindness, Insight, Professionalism and Authenticity.

CHRISTOPHER KRANZ, Psychotherapist

Eva is one of the most interesting and skilled clinicians I have ever known. She has helped numerous individuals from incredibly diverse life circumstances achieve mental and personal wellness. She has a natural ability to create a safe, non-judgmental environment during her therapy sessions which makes room for vulnerability, exploration and therapeutic progress. Eva has a very thoughtful approach to therapy. She incorporates traditional psychotherapy and Eastern philosophies to assist clients with their journey. Eva understands the importance of the connection between ourselves and the elements of nature (such as air and water), and how these energies impact our overall functioning. By understanding and channeling these energies along with self-exploration of patterns of thinking and behavior, her clients discover the root causes of their personal challenges. Eva serves as a guide, and helps her clients identify what might be blocking their emotional growth while being encouraging, open, and genuine. In this process, clients ultimately find better ways to live a more fulfilled life and one in which they have the tools to assist them if challenges occur in the future. I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking to live an emotionally authentic and healthy life.


When I first met Dr. Malanowski, who always humbly insisted I call her Eva, I was fleeing a physically and emotionally abusive relationship, was addicted to drugs and alcohol, was cutting myself, bingeing and purging, broke, hopeless and had attempted suicide.

I was also pretty resentful of mental health professionals and skeptical that anyone would listen to me in a meaningful way before whipping out the DSM IV, slapping me with a diagnosis and a prescription and sending me on my way.

After one session in Eva’s office, I knew I had found a different sort of doctor. One of the most important things Eva did for me initially was to help me “de-catastrophize” my life. She challenged me to move from a sense of constant overwhelm and crisis to leaving each session with a plan for simple, solutions-based actions. I needed that to feel empowered in my own process.

The growth work experience was not always easy, but the devoted creativity with which Eva met me in the moment each time we did inner work assuaged my fears that I would be abandoned before I could integrate some emotional maturity into my life. Dr. Malanowski embodies the courageous poise and balanced energy that I wanted. I trusted her immediately because she was honest and real with me from the start. Working with her changed my trajectory. Eva helped me permanently transform my personal narrative about victimization and resignation and to start to see myself as spiritually fit and emotionally capable. The wellness I have today is due in large part to the care she provided and the strategies I learned from her.

SUSANNAH CYRUS, 31, Kapa’a, Hawai’i