What We Do

Facilitate the individual’s own growth and healing process that leads to achieving emotional maturity in adulthood.

Amáte Growth Work solidifies sobriety so it is very beneficial for those in 12 Step programs. It is our belief that emotional maturity and emotional sobriety are synonymous and achievable through Amáte Growth Work.

All Amáte Institute Aspen services are available in Spanish and English. All Amáte Institute Boulder services are available in English and Polish. There is no charge for the Introductory Session.

Whom We Help

  • Those raised in early environments in which there was not enough love and security…in the way the child (or adolescent) needed… to enable the child to take the emotional risks leading to emotional maturity.
  • Those who became overly fearful due to neglect, abuse in all forms, immigration, poverty, accidents, early death or illness of parents resulting in the child having to accept too much responsibility too soon.
  • Those touched by any/all addictions, including those on medications to aid in blocking addictive impulses.
  • Those who have extended sobriety but who are struggling with unresolved emotional/spiritual issues stemming from the past.
  • Those who have suffered significant losses and traumas in adulthood.
  • Those in the last phases of life and the dying.
  • Those in or who are adversely affected by dysfunctional relationships.
  • Those with meaning in life issues as a result of wealth and/or fame.
  • Elite athletes and performers who have been unable to realize their full potential due to stoppage fears.
  • Adolescents beginning to fail in adult tasks due to immature responses to adult challenges.
  • Healers from all disciplines…with their own unresolved emotional/spiritual issues.
  • Doctors, nurses, and other health professionals who find themselves unfulfilled and experiencing or heading for burnout in their professions due to the inability to meet overwhelming emotional demands required of them.
  • Sexual and technology addictions.
  • Entrepreneurs who need to access their optimal performance levels as they build new business ventures and start ups.
  • Police officers, veterans, and all first responders, overwhelmed by the amount of trauma they have witnessed and assisted with.

How We Help

  • Reconnect with the Inner Self at the age of the initial emotional stoppage caused by traumas and excessive fears… through a series of simple but profound Inner Work exercises.
  • Identify and heal the original and subsequent emotional stoppage experiences and traumas.
  • Achieve shifts in age of the Inner Self until the age of the Inner Self is visualized at the chronological age of the individual.
  • Learn and strengthen tools for living an emotionally mature (emotionally sober) life, such as how to make decisions and have successful relationships.
  • Learn and practice the process of Emotional Growth Experiences leading to the critical moment of periodic emotional/spiritual surrender when emotionally overwhelmed in fear.
  • Establish a permanent connection to the Inner Guide (Inner Voice, Voice of Love Within, Higher Power, God, etc.), including asking for guidance then bravely following the guidance even when it involves living through challenging consequences of the guidance.
  • Identify and live the experience of sustained Inner Peace as the state of being indicating one is doing the right thing…in the right way…at the right time.